Team work

Our Company

Mission Statement:

A team of skilled, professional individuals working confidently together to provide productive, efficient services, while following industry standards, to deliver quality service to our customers.


To create a team of enthusiastic, skilled, hardworking individuals through training and development, education, care and recognition and accountability and teamwork.  A company who follows industry standards to provide a high standard of quality services to our customers.

Our Core Values:

Integrity, Trust, Care, Respect, Honesty, and Self Improvement

Health and Safety:

We are dedicated to the health and safety of our job sites by meeting the legislation standards of the occupational health and safety of Alberta.  We follow all PPE requirements for all sites and perform our Hazardous assessments as required. We have WCB for ourselves, and our employees, a proper Emergency Response Program, a health and wellness program for our employees including a certified fitness therapist as a support to help prevent injury.  

Our Team:

We are dedicated to the development and care of our staff by providing training and development. We follow an extensive hiring process to ensure the quality our team has to offer.  We stay current with the industry standards.  Our Employees have CSTS, WHIMIS and various other courses through ACSA. We are dedicated to create a safe, healthy work environment for our employees.